American Montessori School

PRIMARY AND MIDDLE SCHOOL: We at our franchisee SCHOOLS provide a balanced educational programme within a safe and stimulating environment, so that each child embarks on a physical, intellectual and social journey of curiosity and reasoning. Mount Carmel thus offers a comprehensive curriculum which is designed to make learning activity-based, experimental, and child-centric preparing every student for the global challenges. During these important years, the focus is both on the curriculum as well as the development of intricate skills like critical thinking, behaviour and attitude while developing independence and wisdom. Student-friendly educational aids are used to promote self-learning and facilitate each child to study according to his or her interest and skill. A variety of extra-curricular activities including visual and performing arts, music, yoga, physical education and inter-house competitions are a part of the school’s syllabus to complement formal learning. The primary & middle school curriculum is designed to guide students in forming a truly universal outlook. It aims at developing a sense of wisdom for their welfare as well as that of others.
HIGH SCHOOL: American Montessory chain of Schools have a modern approach for addressing the needs of students of the high school level. The curriculum option available now is CBSE. The school also intends to affiliate itself to Cambridge University UK to offer IGCSE, AS and A level programs in the coming up years. Students can choose the curriculum of their choice depending upon their individual requirements and aspirations. High School programs in Sports, Art, Music, Dance, Value Education and Leadership Camp activities focus on developing the required skills in different areas which will mould them into capable, caring, confident and committed individuals who can make their own choices for the future and excel in the chosen field.
TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATION: American Montessory Schools have tied up with EDMATIX for the ERP solutions and the parent support that makes the trio ( STUDENT, PARENT AND TEACHER ) become easy in understanding each other. The complete school management system gives strength to the day to day activities of the school. Our Franchisee Schools also provide digital curriculum infrastructure and parent support. The classrooms are equipped with Smart boards and LCD projectors..