Play School

American Montessori School

American Montessory is India’s fast-growing chain of Hi-tech International Standard Pre-Schools. And offering franchisee also for the high school . American Montessory gives an exciting all round education, which is the first step in transforming potentiality into reality. The individual personality of each and every student is honed and polished to achieve a socially and personally beneficial life. Our young people are mines of precious talent. They are complex beings with Physical, Psychological and Spiritual needs. We at American Montessory have planned things in a perfect optimization in bringing out the best potentials of each and every student in the well planned manner. Understanding each element and structuring its fulfilment is our fundamental aim. Children need to be nurtured in an atmosphere of love and affection, which alone facilitates the harmonious development of young minds. We make them learn with great joy through play and provide recreational activities to channel the child’s exuberant energy and to kindle their thought process. TWO KEY PRINCIPLES UNDERPIN THE SCHOOL RULES: Respect for yourself and others. Respect for everyone’s right to learn. Since inception Mount Carmel School has significantly impacted where ever we’re present and every year we get stronger and expand our presences to meet the needs of our country. We are proud of our efforts thus far, but realize there is still a lot of work.