Primary School

American Montessori School

American Montessory is India’s fast-growing chain of Hi-tech International Standard Pre-Schools. American Montessory offering franchisee also for the high school. WE BELIEVE: Children are innately capable to acquire quality education. And American Montessory provide that perfect platform with a bend of International standard Montessori education, Technological know-how and highly appreciated Indian culture and values. We transform potentiality into reality. Honing and polishing individual personalities so that our kids achieve a socially and personally beneficial life. We at American Montessory plan things towards perfect optimization to bringing out the best potential of every student in a systematic manner. Children here are nurtured in an all encompassing atmosphere of love, affection and care, facilitating harmonious development of these young minds. They learn with great joy through play and recreational activities and their exuberant energies are channelled to kindle their thought process. TWO KEY VALUES UNDERPIN THE SCHOOL RULES: Respect for ALL (Elders, self, younger, poor, underprivileged and specially challenged. All things alive- plants, insects, animals etc. ) Respect for others right to learn.